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Padawan aE!'s Reference List
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Ratings Table
Padawan aE!'s Average Rating: 4.99
5 Excellent trader.
4 Good trader.
3 OK trader.
2 Poor trader.
1 Bad trader.
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Confirmed: 107
MOTL Refs: 99
Denied: 0
Unconfirmed*: 0
Total: 107
*Unconfirmed references are those that have not yet received responses and thus should not be used to determine the honesty of their owner.

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  E-Mail Address MOTL UserName (Refs) Date Added Deal Type Deal Value
5aguson@gmail.comargus (159)09/07/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: third party trade went along without a hitch... highly recommended!
5alebalado@hotmail.comLordKaptap (42)07/26/2005Traded$5 - $20
Comments: Exelent trader A+++ 03/30/2010Sold$50 - $100
5alliwantinlifeistobehappy@hotmail.comD3@D (17)08/10/2006Traded$5 - $20
Comments: Great Trader!
5annorax@annoraxgames.comteroknorevents (65)11/06/2006Bought$20 - $50
5aq628@chebucto.ns.caaq628 (389)12/14/2008Sold> $100
Comments: Awesome to trade with. Recommended A+++
5arlecchino@gmail.comNarayan (5)01/17/2007Traded$20 - $50
Comments: An excellent trader!
5batracoide@hotmail.combatracoide (1)10/24/2005Traded$5 - $20
Comments: goog trader
5bentiko@hotmail.comBentiko (242)08/14/2006Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Excellent!
5biorhythm17@yahoo.combiorhythm17 (81)04/29/2007Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Easy to deal with.. Very good trader...
5blood_gang_42069@hotmail.comchef (3)01/10/2007Bought$50 - $100
5bodine1231@cox.netbodine1231 (8)04/04/2010Sold> $100
Comments: Excellent A++ 08/04/2010Sold> $100
Comments: Great buyer!!!
5caballete123@hotmail.comluis_trader (237)09/19/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: great person good trader great person
5cain_asesino_de_abel@yahoo.esTzimisce (Banned)11/17/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: nice trader, fast ....very fast
5calebbrignon@hotmail.comTheImmortal (68)04/18/2006Traded$20 - $50
5caseygroh1@yahoo.comcaseygroh1 (1)10/07/2005Traded$20 - $50
5cheguemarco@hotmail.comPaRtIzAn (130)01/15/2007Bought> $100
5crimpedmiscut@gmail.comTha Gunslinga (1563)08/28/2008Sold> $100
5criquy@yahoo.comCRiquy (22)01/24/2007Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Great trader. A+
5daniel.a.crane@gmail.comDaniel Crane (212)07/17/2006Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Some rough communication, but he sent the cards as requested. Thanks! (113)09/18/2008Sold$5 - $20
Comments: Great Buyer, Fast Payment, thanks
5darkomiladin@yahoo.comPippincro (Banned)06/27/2007Traded$50 - $100
Comments: great trader, fast shipping
5david2_d@hotmail.comGoRush (22)06/29/2006Traded$20 - $50
5deletionrequested@magictraders.comMagic_Dealer (0)07/25/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: A+++
5demetrixenidis@gmail.comusernamede (97)02/06/2009Sold> $100
Comments: Fabulous Buyer! Thank you very much! (231)09/14/2007Sold$50 - $100
5dicksonli@andickson.comtf (Banned)08/26/2005Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Great trade and will trade again
5dix_mccoy@yahoo.commikko_r (37)09/24/2007Traded$20 - $50
Comments: A+ trader. I'd be happy to trade with again anytime.
5drbecktrew@hotmail.comBilly Bourbon (18)05/07/2007Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Perfect trader! Everything went perfect!!!! A+++
5drewhillier666@hotmail.comLord_Yawgmoth (75)06/15/2006Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Great trader!! Traded cards via card auction. Very fast shipping and perfect condition cards! Im looking forward to doing business with him again!
5driveappart@hotmail.comdiwad (215)06/19/2007Traded> $100
Comments: Greatest trader of the south hemisphere!! trade with him!!
5enableuser@gmail.comCheeses (144)12/28/2008Sold> $100
Comments: Fast payment, great buyer! Recommended!! A++
5ericespato@yahoo.comvitito (4)09/20/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: great trade hope to trade again.
5etakspeelstae@comcast.netshzlbmnpstik (8)09/15/2005Traded$50 - $100
Comments: This guy is a great trader! Fast shipping and easy to deal with. You gotta trade with him!
5ewgarant@gmail.comDr_Moo (80)12/28/2006Sold> $100
Comments: fair offer, immediate payment. great buyer.
5finkdom@hotmail.compaulb (226)01/23/2007Sold$20 - $50
Comments: Everything went very smoothly. Thanks!
5gloriasn@gmail.comMr.Volrath (Banned)04/28/2008Sold$50 - $100 (490)09/23/2006Bought$20 - $50
Comments: Fast shipping, great communication. Thanks!
5grayson.thomas@hotmail.comPure_playa_47 (93)11/01/2005Traded> $100
Comments: One of the best traders out there!
5grusalakas@gmail.comentity (36)01/23/2007Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Very good trader, A++++
5hackyou69@hotmail.comMournfuL (8)01/01/2007Bought$5 - $20
Comments: Excellent overseas seller. Fast shipping. Highly recommended. A ++++
5i1337f15h@yahoo.comJ3551C4 (43)10/01/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Fantasic overseas trader. Recommended.
5ianmcmurray000@hotmail.comconqueso (52)07/24/2008Sold> $100
Comments: Great and honest guy! Hope to do business again with him!
5j.aldao@hotmail.comOutsider1112 (437)08/15/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Perfect, Thanks!
5jasonkoresko@yahoo.comI3Iood (108)07/19/2008Bought$20 - $50
5jazumi2000@hotmail.comjazumi2000 (219)01/05/2007Sold$50 - $100
Comments: Excellent trader, good communication and patient! A+ 08/20/2010Traded$20 - $50
Comments: A+
5justinhowa@yahoo.comoathmaster (34)05/01/2006Traded$20 - $50
5juwfro@gmail.comkronicler (21)01/15/2008Traded> $100
Comments: couldn't have been better!
5kefei_cards@hotmail.comFei (24)11/03/2006Traded> $100
Comments: A+++
5kherdey@gmail.comKherdey (221)03/09/2007Bought$20 - $50
Comments: great seller !
5kur0-san@hotmail.comKuro (39)10/29/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Very happy nice person keeps in good contect
5kylejefferson0@gmail.comraging_elf (263)09/06/2005Traded> $100
5leezhongwen@gmail.comMagicatsg (99)09/26/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Safe secure shipping. Cards as described. Thanks!
5legendstation@hotmail.comTCG_Golem Legend (Banned)09/02/2005Traded> $100
Comments: he is a good traders and a very nice person, Would definitely trade with this person in the future Extremely trustable!!
5lun_yao@hotmail.comLunny (34)11/30/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Good trader. everything was alright
5m_guern@hotmail.comKizzo (37)10/13/2006Traded> $100
Comments: Awesome trader :-) 09/02/2009Sold> $100
Comments: Excellent deal. Let's do this again soon !!
5magicvirusmotl@yandex.ruMagicVirus (199)12/02/2008Bought$20 - $50
Comments: Great trader, just perfect!
5magik_321@hotmail.comMagik321 (201)07/05/2008Sold$20 - $50
Comments: Thanks
5malik_19111@hotmail.combjskls (169)09/26/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Great trader!
5marcelo_valdez315@hotmail.combarto_666 (Banned)10/28/2005Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Excellent trader, Excellent trader, Excellent trader, Excellent trader (281)08/11/2005Traded$50 - $100
Comments: A++++ great, very fast!!!
5martinhoule_@hotmail.comshwin (173)09/18/2006Bought$5 - $20
5marx_lenin1917@hotmail.comMdosmagos (48)07/25/2006Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Good international trader!
5matt_abear@hotmail.commojoorising (5)11/21/2007Traded> $100
Comments: Great Trader!! 06/23/2008Sold$20 - $50
Comments: Smooth transaction!! A+++
5mhmorales@gmail.comturix (22)09/02/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: great trade!! thanks
5michaelinferno@yahoo.comslurpee (858)08/31/2008Sold> $100
Comments: Worked out great. Come back anytime. 03/29/2010Sold> $100
5nacho_g_550@hotmail.comNICOLASMAGIC (43)07/25/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Hope to trade again (11)07/21/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Very fast A++ trader
5naesteban.mtg@gmail.comNacho (190)03/14/2007Bought$50 - $100
5nderdog@magictraders.comnderdog (457)09/20/2007Other> $100
Comments: I provided 3rd Party services, and was very happy with how they conduct business.
5nitelite2@hotmail.comNitelite (106)02/05/2006Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Nice, fast international trader. Had no problems, cards as described. Thanks!
5nukemoose@hotmail.comNukeMoose (119)10/17/2006Bought$20 - $50
Comments: Thanks! Great transaction!
5osirus37@gmail.comOsirus (225)09/12/2009Sold$5 - $20
Comments: Awesome buyer! Fast payment! A+++
5paulistheman12801@yahoo.compaul321 (3)10/29/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: awesome trader and trustworthy
5petedog_544@hotmail.comFatByChoice (15)03/22/2007Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Great Trader!
5petermtgo@yahoo.competermtgo (Banned)01/24/2008Other$20 - $50
Comments: I sell MTGO tix to him, excelent feedback , we'll trade again.
5piratesteve13@yahoo.compiratesteve (38)10/08/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Great Trader. Easy to deal with
5pisang45@hotmail.commulder (50)02/10/2007Traded$5 - $20
Comments: Nice and patient trader, no problems at all!
5portlis@gmail.comPortlisX (403)01/07/2009Sold> $100
Comments: Thank you very much for the purchase!
5rasmus_vestli@hotmail.comsepirath (21)11/08/2005Traded$20 - $50
5sales@globalmtg.combigbob585 (99)07/19/2008Bought$50 - $100
Comments: great communication!
5sdb12281973@aol.comTheDragon (160)04/24/2007Sold> $100
Comments: Great job, 150 dollar deal.
4seconddiemension@hotmail.comTheGreatHobbes (9)07/24/2006Traded$50 - $100
5sina_afshar@hotmail.comGood Fella (3)03/11/2007Sold> $100
Comments: A+++ trader fast payment worked with me to get my first trade done awsome user
5skokrem@hotmail.comBurnie (2)01/11/2007Traded$20 - $50
5souladvocate@yahoo.comSouladvocate (442)01/31/2007Sold$50 - $100
Comments: A+!!! Exceptional trader/buyer.
5speedycolaz@hotmail.comSpeedycolaz (117)08/05/2005Traded$5 - $20
Comments: Great trader...
5springle20@hotmail.comhilbilybob (38)02/27/2007Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Nice international trader
5spyder5283@hotmail.comMeddlingMage83 (3)10/14/2006Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Great Trader!
5stasis01@gmail.comStasis01 (242)09/13/2007Traded$50 - $100
Comments: Great trader!Thx for everything!Recommended to all.
5stemplar@rocketmail.comstemplar206 (423)12/23/2006Sold$50 - $100
Comments: Sent payment quickly. Thanks and enjoy!
5teferi117@yahoo.comScruffy1973 (404)09/21/2007Traded> $100
Comments: Great to deal with!! Communicated really well!!
5tekkaman773@yahoo.comdarklordofworlds (140)09/17/2005Traded$20 - $50
5thejaco@gmail.combigballashotcaller (673)03/29/2010Sold$50 - $100
Comments: Great trader and great communication; would recommend!
5thiago.calcas@gmail.comNatsume_Shin (18)01/05/2007Sold$50 - $100
Comments: Sold 3 Foil Fetch Lands. I send first and he payed as soon as cards arrived. Great trader.
5thomas_2510@msn.comPirat3n (4)10/15/2005Traded< $5
5thunderlizard70@hotmail.comThunderlizard (106)06/09/2008Bought$5 - $20
Comments: Great card, great transaction. Thanks!
5tkaplan1025@yahoo.comReekazoids (51)02/22/2006Traded$5 - $20
5towermagicli@gmail.comMAB_Rapper (579)09/28/2010Sold$50 - $100
5trikkur@pokertrikz.comTrikkur (38)01/03/2007Sold> $100
Comments: Great Trader. Fast Payment. Hope to trade with again. 01/16/2008Traded$50 - $100
Comments: I sent first. I highly suggest Padawan aE to you.
5vincentlaflamme@hotmail.comsupratrader (605)05/18/2007Traded> $100
Comments: Everything went great ! Thanks.
5virdie@hotmail.comLucioman (158)09/01/2006Traded> $100
Comments: Amazing trader, easy to deal with. Very recomended. A+++
5vsvillanueva@gmail.comvilla (65)07/26/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: excellent trader , very fast
5waynegwr@hotmail.comwayne (469)06/13/2013Sold$50 - $100
Comments: Fast and smooth deal!
5willis1@hotmail.comBirdman of Paradise (229)09/06/2005Traded$20 - $50
Comments: Super trader will trade with again...
5wyvern7386@yahoo.esdiego antezana (2)07/05/2006Traded$20 - $50
5yifeng3010@gmail.comMTDetermine (347)10/16/2007Sold$20 - $50
5z.hallford@gmail.comTrump Ice (28)09/15/2006Bought$5 - $20
Comments: Awesome cards!

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